A Bit About Me

Hello! I’m Myrna. I’m a writer and a mom to two young adult children. I’ve been married to Owen for 28 years. In addition to writing, I’m a bookseller at the most wonderful Indie bookstore, Content Bookstore, located in Northfield, Minnesota.


I remember being in grade school playing with my friends on the playground and thinking “I want to write stories!” I don’t recall writing much of anything when I was young. Oh, I kept journals and wrote all sorts of thoughts down on paper but I don’t recall really writing anything for other people to read – unless you count all of the assigned papers my English teachers read when I was in high school!

After high school, I went to vocational school for a certificate in Horse Care & Stable Operation then started college classes at Normandale Community College with plans to transfer to the U of M’s Agriculture School in St. Paul where I wanted to major in Agriculture Education. Looking back, I think it was a creative writing class at Normandale that got me excited about writing. In this class, I wrote some clumsy fiction and awkward poetry and some decent nonfiction. Though dreams of being a writer crept into my mind, mostly I stayed focused on my goal to go to Ag school. That is until I got distracted and started working full-time instead. Then, for fun, I started flying and considered being a commercial pilot, a career that required a four-year degree. So I started attending college classes again.

Through all of those years of vocational school, work and college I found that writing kept sneaking into my life. I wrote articles for a work newsletter, I edited my aviation club’s newsletter and I continued to journal. I found that the college classes I enjoyed the most were my literature and writing classes so I decided to major in English. I went back to school full-time and earned an English degree with a writing emphasis at University of St. Thomas. I was 29 years old.

At that point in my life, I was married to Owen and decided that I would not pursue a career as a commercial pilot but go on to be an English teacher instead. So I took a few more classes, earned my teaching degree, and set out into the world as a teacher in an alternative school for pregnant and parenting teens.

Two years later my husband, Owen, and I had a baby and I decided to stay at home with Rosie instead of teaching. By this time, writing was very much a part of my life but I still seldom shared my creative writing with others. Prompted in part by the urge to get some “me time,” with other grown-ups, I sought out a writing group in Northfield. With encouragement from this group, I wrote stories and gave feedback to my fellow writers. Then I decided to try to market my writing. So I pitched a story about a tea shop to a small publication specializing in the love of afternoon tea. My idea was accepted! I wrote my article and was paid $25 and, with that, became a freelance writer and have been writing articles and stories for publication ever since.