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Myrna’s Other Blogs

In addition to my Writing Space blog where I write about writing,  I have two other blogs – Idyllwild and the 1947 Dodge Blog. I started blogging in 2007 on my Idyllwild blog. My intent for Idyllwild was to use the space to chronicle my life as a mom-writer with no time to write.  Over time, however, I discovered Idyllwild was more about bicycling, flying and life than it was about writing. So I dedicated a new blog to just writing –  Writing Space – and changed my focus of Idyllwild to bicycling, flying and other fun things I do for fun. I created the 1947 Dodge Blog in 2013 as a place to chronicle the restoration of a family treasure – an old Dodge car that my brother and I own. Both me and my brother write 1947 Dodge Blog posts.


Click HERE to read my Idyllwild blog.

These days, Idyllwild is mostly about bicycling but you can also I find posts about my family’s flying adventures. I  have been known to write a lot about baking and other fun things.

1947 Dodge Blog

Click HERE to follow along on the restoration adventures of a 1947 Dodge that has been in our family since 1949.

My younger brother, Joel, and I started the 1947 Dodge Blog to help us document the restoration progress (or lack thereof) of our old Dodge club coupe.