I’m going to be posting some of my favorite books from 2018 here on my blog in the weeks to come! As you likely know, I work at an independent bookstore – Content Bookstore in Northfield, Minnesota. I love that I am surrounded by books at work and at home and feel lucky that I am reading more now than I have in years.

The book I am mentioning today, The Summer Wives, is a book I read before it was published – in the book business we refer to these pre-publication copies as galleys or advance reader copies/advance reading copies  (aka ARCs). After I read the galley of The Summer Wives, I posted a blurb about what I thought about the book on a bookseller website and also posted my love for the book on social media. I ended up getting a signed copy of the book sent to me by the publisher and the author, Beatriz Williams, liked my post! That sure made my day!

Anyway – here’s a copy of the review I posted on an indie bookseller website:

The Summer Wives is a sweeping story that spans several decades and details the lives of members of an island community where old money rules and the locals and summer families are not supposed to mix – but they do anyway. This is a story of secrets, power, loss and love with a bit of Shakespeare to round things out.

I was engaged from page one and found myself reading both the ARC and listening to an audio ARC in my car so I could spend every possible free moment with the characters and their stories. The storyline kept me guessing. Even the minor characters had depth beyond what I expected. An overall great read! And, I admit, I cried at the end.

All for now!