The last several days have been full of many wonderful moments and also way too many tough ones. It’s life. It’s not always easy. I’m feeling overwhelmed. I am feeling like I am failing on several levels – parenting and being a kind spouse high on the list. But I am doing my best to stay task oriented and check things off my list and forgive myself for my failing as best I can.

I can’t do much to change a lot of what is going on, but I do feel better when I take time to notice the wonders around me and decide to be grateful for what I have.

Today I am happy that the birds were singing when I awoke and are still singing away. I am pleased that the forecasted rain has held off so that I could drag the deck table and one chair out and sit outside and have breakfast. And I am glad that this morning I decided to grab Rob Hardy’s new book of poetry, Domestication: Collected Poems 1996-2016 and read a few poems.

I could say so much more about Rob’s poetry and how much I like it. Of how I can relate to so many of his poems. Of how kind of a person Rob is and how I felt so important to have him sign my book at his book launch at Content Bookstore last Thursday. I could say so much more – but will simply say that I’m glad I took some time to read Rob’s poetry this morning.

Take some time to notice the many wonders around you and enjoy your day.