Here's part of the 30 Days of Biking group from Bike MS 2014.

Here’s part of the 30 Days of Biking group from Twin Cities Bike MS 2014.

Last year I had the fun of riding the Twin Cities Bike MS ride with some people from 30 Days of Biking. One of the people I had the privilege of riding with that day was a young woman named Amy. We talked much of the 25 mile route and she shared with me that she planned to launch a life coaching business and already had a super cool blog called Uncoveries.  Just like she said, Amy went on to launch her Uncoveries coaching business and, as part of that, shares articles on her Uncoveries blog, too. I must say that I am excited to know that the world is in the hands of young people like Amy. She’s extraordinary! And I think her Uncoveries blog is extraordinary, too.

Amy’s Uncoveries tagline is “Uncover and Design the Life You Really Want” and she writes about topics like happiness, uncluttered living and living intentionally. A couple of my favorite things she’s posted include 5 Quick Tips to Simplify Your Home and Sneaky Stuff. In the past couple month she’s been writing about the 7 Myths of Happiness (read Part 1 HERE).

Amy’s writing is thought provoking and helpful and well worth reading. But don’t take my word for it, click HERE and head on over to Uncoveries and check it out for yourself!